Kenya Update #2 - Nairobi day 2

Nairobi – 15 February 2012


Wow – it’s late.  The pics will tell the story when I can get them loaded.

Kibera slum today 7x10 km.  1-5 – 2.0 million people.  Vendors, phone cash, food, butchers, sheep, dogs, cows, goats, kids and more kids.  Sewage stench everywhere.

Walked in with Pastor John, Aaron, Jeff, our nurse and myself + 3 soldiers with AK-47’s or Kalishnakov’s.  5000 shillings for the escort – since 3 Muzunguus’ were robbed of all they had  last week.

Amazing – I do not ever want to forget it, nor the kids and somehow this is all they know – the look on their faces and still joy.  Several schools along the way until we hit the WorldComm site with 96 kids ages maybe 3-10 in a one room schoolhouse.  All in uniform, orderly and seated quietly.  They sang, recited scripture, and clapped!!  There were some trinkets there to purchase, made on site – so a few items were bought.

They paid for a car ride out for me with Aaron and a security guard.  Crazy bumpy single lane road – not really a road.

Wow….the red clay and dust and smells stuck with me all day – I could taste it through the dust in my mouth and nostrils – no water safe anywhere.


Then to another school. 270 kids, taught well – some orphans.  High achievers.  Many place in the top regionally when testing to advance.  Sports – soccer, volleyball.  They waited to feed everyone as they knew we were coming.  Orderly serpentine line to feed, youngest to oldest.  Many teachers – grades 1-8.  Teachers volunteer or a small stipend.  All passionate about education, Christ, scripture.  Songs and poems for us as well.  They also kindly served us each a cola w straw!!  It was almost cool, but the taste divine coming from Kibera.


Barely to the airport in time to fly to Kisumu and then the drive to Miwani.  Dinner at 8:20pm.  Windy, stars, clear – yet cane fires on the distant hill.  My first “at risk” mosquito bites this eve.  They are small and appear out of nowhere.

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