Kenya June/July Update #3

 Sorry that this update has taken so long to post.  Excuses, excuses...... too busy, no power, or power and no internet, traveling, or recovering from travel, or (now home) too preoccupied with catching up on life.  Enough of that - here goes.

The preliminary survey in the Miwani area covered a total of 3 days, and in total we saw 157 households.  We were kindly received and all went well.  Many surprises, and some concerns for certain.  We will all know more once the numbers are analyzed.  Though I participated in day one of the survey, the other areas our teams covered were too far a distance for me to cover on foot (some were close to 10 miles roundtrip).  For the most part everyone walked, yet there were a few instances of hitching a ride in a passing truck or hiring piki-piki's (motorcycles - despite prior agreement not to do so from those I am responsible to "supervise").  Thankfully - all went well.

Saturday July 7 saw the 4 Mzungu's hike to Nandi rock and into Nandi itself.  They were gone all day and tired that eve, but not too much so to still watch Sherlock Holmes.  With my impaired sensation I managed to get 15 mosquito bites during the movie, not feeling them attacking my exposed flesh.  Still I figured I was "covered" by my Doxycycline, or so I thought....   more on that thought soon.

Sunday July 8 and we will as a team be headed to Siaya and Siaya District Hospital.  Two days of teaching at the hospital, and observing their Emergency Department before we head off to survey the Khwisero area with Community Health Workers.  Overall I have been feeling very good, many days thinking I could do this long term and without difficulty - other than my usual accommodations. 

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