Cycling Fun inside Harborview!

In the late fall of 2007 the Harborview Rehab floor hosted an Adaptive Cycling Seminar.  Through a donation made in my name, I was able to help fund the seminar.  There were recumbent four wheeled tandems, various makes of three wheeled bikes, and options of foot or hand driven mechanisms.  Although this was primarily set up for those who might be riding hand cycles, I did also bring my Moots and seized the opportunity to bicycle down the halls of Harborview.  The very halls where I had pulled myself around in a wheelchair using my feet in 2004.

Being a C5 incomplete quad, in addition to my bilateral radial nerve injuries, I do not have the arm/hand strength to either pilot a wheelchair, or a hand cycle; whether on 2, 3 or 4 wheels.  So in my particular case strangely, the only option for me is to ride an upright bicycle and pedal with my feet.

My intent was not, and is not now, to encourage those so injured to ride an upright two wheeled bicycle.  Every person who is disabled who desires to bicycle will have very different requirements that will determine what is best and safest for them to be riding.  Some will do better on various two or three wheeled bi/tri-cycles that are powered by arms or legs depending on your functional level.  Others may need a 4 wheeled tandem setup.  If you are interested and so motivated, investigate with your PT and/or local adaptive cycling retailers.

Here then are a few pictures from that day at Harborview - enjoy!