Spine Symposium talk on UW-TV

In October of 2008 I was honored to serve as the lead-off speaker at the Improving Outcomes in Spinal Injury conference, which was organized by Jens Chapman, MD of Harborview Medical Center.  Dr. Chapman is both a friend and my physician.  He is following me for spinal stenosis in my lumbar spine, a condition inherited, yet also accelerated in its advancement due to my injuries in 2004. 

After Jens gives a brief overview of the day, I provide a brief 8 minute presentation of my injuries and my perspective on how outcomes can be improved in spinal injury care.  That talk may be found on UWTV via this link.  You will then need to select your media player of choice and connection speed.  At that point a video stream of the presentation should open up for you.

Thanks for watching!